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Frequently Asked Questions

Surgery is the only way to treat cataracts.  The latest technique is Phacoemulsification/MICS where ultrasonic vibrations are used to break, emulsify and eat the lens, followed by the implantation of a foldable intra-ocular lens (IOL). It is a painless procedure and the patient is discharged the same day.

Can keratoconus damage vision? Untreated keratoconus can lead to permanent vision loss. The changes to the cornea make it difficult for the eye to focus with or without eyeglasses or standard soft contact lenses.

With Contoura Vision, the contours of the cornea generated by the computer analysis are programmed into a specially designed laser used for this procedure. At least 22,000 points of the cornea are mapped. An individualized treatment plan is made, and the laser applies this treatment to the cornea.

If the damage to your cornea can’t be repaired, doctors can remove the damaged part and replace it with healthy corneal tissue from a donor. Artificial cornea. As an alternative to corneal transplant, doctors can replace a damaged cornea with an artificial cornea, called a keratoprosthesis (KPro).

The goal of treatment is to provide moisture to the eye’s surface and relieve any gland blockage along the structure of the eye. A dry eye specialist may recommend treatment, including prescription eye drops/oral medication, tear duct plugs, and special contact lenses.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy
  • most commonly, patient may be asymptomatic (no symptoms)
  • gradually worsening vision.
  • sudden vision loss.
  • shapes floating in your field of vision (floaters)
  • blurred or patchy vision.
  • eye pain or redness.
  • difficulty seeing in the dark.

Glaucoma tests can determine whether the optic nerve is damaged, which may cause vision problems. An ophthalmologist may recommend a combination of quick, painless procedures. Tests include angle test, corneal thickness test, dilated eye exam, eye pressure check, optic nerve imaging and visual field testing.

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